reasons im paul
  1. im paul
  2. this site seays im paul
  3. i uploaded petscop. paul also uploaded npetscop. coinidence? ithink not
  4. me and paul also exist. no one else exists in this simulation but us two. but what if we were a single entity al along?
  5. petcosop is the embodiment of all oru collective curiousityes,,,, it is a manifestation of wildest trdream and emagioantion. only paul gould eplain the meaning behind it
    and who is writing this tetx? ME im paul
  6. subcribe to my youtube channel at OH WAIT what is that channel im shiling? its petscop thats right only paul would shil his canel and sai it his
  7. while there is a 1 in 7,741,950,908 chance that i am paul, there is still a definitive chance that that is true. howeer, factoriing in that 4only \4.33 billion people un the world have intetrnet acess that means its only a 1 IN 4 BILLION chanceE!!! that means i must be paul because there is both chanc, and that because of all the reason i listed above

i hope you can see now that i am paul i hope you have a nice time watiching my youtube channel the petscop.
see you there!!!!!